Renting Short-Term Apartments in Paris

Renting Short-Term Apartments in Paris Back in 1995, when Paris Notes was just three years old, we did an extensive article about renting short-term apartments in Paris. The article was a response to a growing number of requests from our readers, who wanted to experience what it was like to really live in Paris—and who wanted to take advantage of a working kitchen, with all the culinary possibilities that Paris offers.

At that time there were less than a handful of bona fide short-term apartment rental companies in Paris. With e-mail not widely used, and the Internet still a nascent information revolution, renting an apartment in Paris for a short-term stay was a rather time-consuming and risky proposition. But, with the widespread use of fax machines, renting apartments was becoming a legitimate option for Paris visitors. Today, thanks to the Internet and e-mail, we venture to say that as many as 20 percent of regular English-speaking visitors to Paris rent short-term apartments.

For our article in 1995, we visited every apartment rental company in Paris and saw a number of their apartments to get a feel for what was available. We found some decent apartments, some great apartments—and some really horrible apartments. The companies were divided into two categories: small apartment companies that mostly owned their own apartments; and large companies that acted as booking agents. The small companies tended to have the best places, and their owners were usually dedicated individuals providing a high level of customer service. The large companies were hit or miss, and they weren’t terribly concerned with how things turned out for the renter. The small companies had limited inventories, and were often booked well in advance. The large companies always had a place for you, but you risked ending up in a different apartment from what you saw in their brochures.

A lot has changed since 1995. Today, we count over 75 companies renting apartments. The companies are large, small and in between. Some have apartments all over the city, others have just a few places in a particular neighborhood. There are literally thousands of apartments for short-term rental in Paris now (you’ll see many of the same apartments showing up on multiple websites). You can find apartments at any range of prices, in any neighborhood and in any style.

Shopping for Short-Term Rental Apartments, Now an Internet Process

We’ve been tracking the apartment rental scene ever since 1995. We’ve seen many companies come and go; a few that were around in 1995 are still around. But how people find apartments has changed dramatically. Now, when you rent an apartment, the first thing you do is go to the Internet and start searching. You click and click and click until something catches your eye that meets your requirements.

On most levels, the renting process has gotten infinitely easier. But one thing strikes us. Now that the Internet is the primary—if not the only—way people search for and book apartments in Paris, and now that so many people are choosing the option of a rental over staying in a hotel, you would think that in a market where there is as much competition as in Paris, the competition would result in great website after great website. We have found, however, that this is far from true. In fact, the quality of the websites in this category is incomprehensibly poor. Very few sites have figured out, or seem to have even considered, how people actually shop for apartments in Paris. Most of the sites are sloppily done, graphically unprofessional and frustratingly complicated to navigate.

How is it that an industry that is so competitive and, we assume from the number of companies, so lucrative, can be so out of touch with its customers? It’s a mystery. Note to apartment rental companies: spend more time on your websites.

Cutting Through the Clutter

With the above reality in mind, we decided to try and cut through some of the clutter, find the companies that are best serving the Internet-based market and give them a forum to communicate to you, the apartment renter. We have sorted through every link to every apartment rental company we could find and we have chosen a handful of sites that we think are the best websites. Then, we wrote the owner of these companies and invited them to write about their companies and to tell you why you should rent from them on your next trip to Paris.

Notable Paris Apartment-Rental Websites

None of these companies has paid to be on this page.

Rentals in Paris
Rentals in Paris I have been living in Paris for 15 years. In my early years I often had visitors come over from the States and I spent a great deal of time looking for nice places for them to stay. Hotels were expensive and the apartments I found were usually pretty average and overpriced. Knowing Paris well, and understanding the needs of people visiting Paris, I decided to created my own rental company called Rentals in Paris. I personally select each apartment I represent. I want to ensure guests that I know each of our apartments well. My company consists of a small network of comfortable, centrally located apartments. We have studios, one bedrooms and two bedrooms. Each apartment meets my stringent criteria for prime location, comfortable surroundings, and high-quality furnishings (queen size beds, beautiful bathrooms, well equipped kitchens, cable TV, high speed internet, telephone service, etc.) and I offer a very high level of customer service. Unlike many Paris agencies, I not only own my business but I personally run it. Guests who rent from me have contact with me and my assistants (who understand the importance I place on customer service) through the entire process, including during their stay. In addition, over the past five years I have also worked with a number of fellow Americans, Canadians and Australians who have purchased an apartment in Paris. My experience in Paris real estate has helped me to make this exciting (yet time consuming) task, achievable for many clients who are now the proud owners of a Paris pied-à-terre. I am happy to share my knowledge of Paris real estate with others who wish to acquire their own Paris apartment but don’t have the time required to accomplish it on their own.

Guest Apartment Services
Guest Apartment Services Since 1997, Guest Apartment Services has specialized in short-term rentals of fully furnished apartments and has provided personalized services to meet each client’s needs. Every tastefully-appointed apartment in our portfolio has been hand-picked and is exclusively managed by us. This exclusivity guarantees you our professional involvement. Most of our rental properties in Paris are ideally located in the historical heart of the city—the enchanted Ile St-Louis and Ile de la Cité and the fashionable Marais district. By design, we have a limited number of properties, carefully chosen for their distinctive charm, luxury features and stunning views, so that we can guarantee your comfort. Our office is located on Ile St-Louis, close to each apartment, in order to serve you better. Someone is always there for you so we can respond to any request you may have. We proudly offer very competitive rates based on the high quality of our apartments, their prime location, and the level of service we provide. There are no hidden extra charges. Our company provides a bilingual staff (10 emplyees for 30 properties), concierge services, limousine service for airport transfer, 24/7 emergency and maintenance call, and maid service. For over 10 years, our focus has been on complete client satisfaction—40 percent of our clients are repeat guests and 15 percent are their relatives. Our website enables you to peruse our entire collection of luxurious, short-term rental properties. The site includes detailed photographs and floor plans, location maps and a unique movie illustrating your future second home in Paris.

A La Carte Paris
A La Carte Paris A la Carte Paris is a company born 5 years ago. Founder Burn Wagner (a British and French national), with a background in interior design, has made beautiful interiors in our apartments. Great interiors combined with superior service are his niche. At A la Carte Paris, we offer international visitors serviced designer apartments in the best central Paris locations. Designed for short or long term stays, our apartments are beautifully furnished and fully equipped, with the comfort of modern amenities and everything you need for daily living. Our mission is to make you feel at home in Paris. Emphasis on design sets us apart from other Paris apartments for rent. Our properties are unique in having what we call the “wow” factor: a strong design orientation and striking visual appeal which make guests say “wow” when they step in. Our luxury short-term rental apartments are located in the most desirable districts. Each location offers a bit of the real hidden Paris, with proximity to the famous landmarks. At our website, for all our apartments, you can download a document presenting a specification table, detailed descriptions of the apartment, location maps and large detailed photographs. Bookings for apartments through us are very simple and hassle free. Just fill-in our request form and certain basic details of your travel plans and and we will respond to all your questions via e-mail. Once you have booked, we will ask for full details for your arrival and then we will e-mail detailed instructions to reach and enter your accommodation.

Chez Vous
Chez Vous Since we started Chez Vous 27 years ago, our raison d’etre has remained unchanged. Chez Vous has grown out of a love of France, its culture and beauty combined with the creature comforts afforded travelers. It has always been our goal that each Chez Vous guest will be comfortably immersed in France so that the travel experience is not only enjoyable, but enriching. Chez Vous Paris apartments have been featured in numerous articles, on-line reviews, books, and magazines. We are particularly proud of this recognition. Chez Vous believes that the travel experience should be a joyous and never-ending pleasure, beginning with travel planning and anticipation through to after-travel reflection. Visitors to the Chez Vous web site will find full details of each apartment, its floorplan, and a Moveable Feast of photos. The Chez Vous experience goes far beyond our award-winning web site. We have on hand in our California office an experienced and friendly staff of travel planners. Once in Paris, Chez Vous guests are welcomed by an equally friendly multi-lingual staff to assist in orientation and personalized services.

France for Rent
France for Rent Since 1998, France For Rent has helped travelers plan and enjoy unforgettable vacation experiences in carefully selected apartment rentals in Paris. Claude Nederovique, who lived in Paris for years, founded France For Rent to share his infectious love for Paris. Today, most of the San Francisco-based company’s staff are French; we’ve all lived in Paris and make yearly trips to inspect our apartments, we even own some of them. Our properties are located in the heart of historical Paris, from the world-famous Latin Quarter to the fashionable Saint-Germain-des-Prés, to the stunning island of Ile Saint Louis and the picturesque Marais. True to historic traditional French architectural styles, our homes have been adapted to modern-day life expectations. We also offer luxury vacation apartments located in Paris exclusive neighborhoods to our most demanding clients. Our mission is to ensure that you find the rental apartments and amenities that perfectly match your needs and dreams. We want you to come away with an unforgettable Parisian experience in a personalized, authentic and comfortable environment. Discover the difference that a company run by US-based Parisians makes: individualized suggestions will help you turn a good trip into an unforgettable journey. We’re here to answer your questions. All of them! The unmatched France For Rent experience starts with a phone call to our dedicated and expert team. Benefit from the experience of thousands of clients who have traveled with us before you. In our customer feedback section, read about what others enjoyed most, what they liked least, and the tips they share for getting the most out of your stay. And if making plans via the internet is still an unfamiliar proposition to you, don’t take our word for it, travel publications and mainstream media confirm that we deliver on our promise: a charming travel experience in Paris that is reliable and trustworthy.

Paris Address
Paris Address Founded in 2004 by Xavier Fouquerand, Paris Address, based in Paris, is composed of a very friendly team of real Parisians. Our objective is to offer you the best service possible. We offer you a wide selections of apartments in Paris, all centrally located from studios to three-bedrooms. We personally manage all the apartments we have. After booking the apartment, we guarantee you great service once you are there. Our master word is “service.” We personnally welcome you at the apartment when you arrive in Paris. During the check-in we explain to you all you need to know about the apartment and the neighborhood. If you need Internet, we make sure you are able to connect. You won’t be alone when you are in Paris, you will have a list of contacts in case of any problem during your stay. All the cleaning of the apartments is done by us—we put the emphasis on this so that everything is ok when you arrive and during your stay. Our objective is to make the process of booking as simply as possible. Payment can be made online by credit cards. We do not charge a large security deposit, we only take an imprint of your credit card. Our philosophy is based on trust and longterm relationships on both sides—owners and customers. We try to offer you the best apartment fitting your criteria at the best price possible. There are no extra charges for anything. Our tariffs are all-inclusive. We hope to see you for your next trip to Paris and do not hesitate to have a look at our apartments on our website.

Paris Luxe Apartments
Paris Luxe Apartments Paris Luxe Apartments is a boutique operation founded by Claude Chaouloff. Claude Chaouloff is a Travel Executive based in New York City. As a frequent traveler, Chaouloff was discouraged by the apartments available not only in Paris but other European cities as well. The lack of accountability by the agencies and owners prompted Chaouloff to create his own haven of upscale to luxe apartments that Paris Luxe personally guarantees. Paris Luxe’s motto is to obtain continuous referral business by offering superior apartments and providing exemplery service to those who don’t have the luxury of time and demand an easy reliable process. Our small team personally inspects and reviews all showcased apartments hence our ability to discuss the pros/cons of each apartment. Our rating system, apartment reviews and audio allows guests to determine what kind of accommodation best fits his/her lifestyle. The apartments are rated on location, décor, comfort and the professionalism of the owner. Paris Luxe stands behind not only the quality of our apartments but the professionalism of owners that we select to work with. Guests can expect complimentary concierge service, maid service and fresh food upon arrival for select apartments. Why should guests book with us? Because our guests are not bookings they are nurtured relationships.

Vacation in Paris
Vacation in Paris After many trips to Paris we began to consider the idea of purchasing an apartment. On one particular trip we discovered the 7th arrondissement, the neighborhood of the marvelous pedestrian market street Rue Cler, the Eiffel Tower, the Rodin Museum, Napoleon’s Tomb and the War Museum and all the requisite bakeries and cafes. How to justify this extravagant little apartment purchase? We started our own mini apartment rental business to cover the cost and share the wonderful experience of living in a French neighborhood rather than the sterile hotel stay. We soon discovered there were many others who liked our idea and happily added their own pied a terre to our growing inventory. Our philosophy remains to offer an experience of a more personal nature than a hotel stay, interact with a neighborhood and grow from the unique experience. Privately owned and personally decorated by their owners, the apartments range in size from studios to luxury apartments. They may have a separate WC (toilet room) and a separate shower/tub room or the more modern all in one bathroom. Each location offers cafes, food shops, easy access to the metro, and boutiques to sample. Inquiries and questions are handled promptly. Generally apartment keys are sent prior to check in with all directions plus the local manager’s name and number in case of an emergency. In a few cases due to building rules or last minute bookings, clients are met at the apartment with the keys. An additional set of keys is provided for client use while in Paris. From one apartment to over one hundred, we remain committed to offering the best service possible and sharing our passion for Paris. Eat like a Parisian, live like a Parisian, love like a Parisian!