Fun Things to Do in Paris

Why do we go to Paris? To have fun, of course. Some people prefer spending several days travelling around the Louvre. However the majority of tourists may find it a bit boring. At the same time you can spend the whole tour walking around the restaurants trying delicious French cuisine which can also be rather fun. The capital of France is full of interesting historic places, streets and other sites which are worth visiting. But modern tourists demand something more. It is always great to experience special things which are not available for the major part of visitors. Of course, you will have to spend more money for that. Keeping this in mind we have decided to create a guide of different offers that will make you visit to Paris really unforgettable.

Here you will find the list of companies which are ready to provide you with much fun during your stay in Paris. They have given us a brief description of their services as well as detailed information regarding how to use these services and what their main advantages are.

If you want to visit the official website of every company, you will only need to click on its name.

PROMENADES GOURMANDES Promenades Gourmandes is the best bet for those who want to be involved in cooking classes. This program is aimed on helping you to know the French cuisine from the inside. It starts with market tour. Then you will return to the kitchen where you will get a chance to prepare the full menu. Company representative will show you the best shops and markets. At first I used to work in a fashion industry. But food has always been my passion and desire. So I decided to give up my previous work and start doing what I love most of all. Friends and family supported me. I managed to combine 2 very important skills. The first one is cooking. To be hones I am very good at cooking. At the same time my English is fluent enough in order to share my knowledge with tourists from all over the world. Despite the fact that 15 years ago cooking classes were not the main tourists’ trend, I managed to become rather popular with visitors. This is due to the fact that I am able to make you get acquainted with the latest French cuisine trends. It means that I do not use organic meat. I am sure that the main key to the unforgettable taste is reflected in products that we use. My classes are rather interesting and informative. I try to share my deep vision of every meal and ingredient. At the same time I will teach you some new techniques. I do know how to meet all expectations. That is why some of my students have already become good friends and visit me every year. I am sure we are going to have great fun!

EDIBLE PARIS This is the best offer for people who are eager to know more about popular French restaurants, food markets and shops but do not have time to explore the city on their own. I have been working as restaurant critic for the last 15 years. Moreover I also was an editor of numerous guides devoted to eating out in Paris. In addition I know the best places where you can buy different products starting from bread and chocolate. I hope it was a good decision to use all this knowledge for creating a new service for all food-minded visitors of Paris. In case you are also interested in this offer, you may feel free to contact my or visit my official website for more information about my service. Here you will also be provided with detailed itineraries which include maps, locations, bookings and other necessary things that will help you to have fun. I do hope that you will eventually turn into my returning customers.

CHIC SHOPPING PARIS Needless to say that Paris is not only a capital of France but it is also the capital of European fashion with hundreds of shops and boutiques. In case you are also a shopaholic and want to be involved in French fashion, Chic Shopping Paris is what you have been always looking for. The idea of creating such kind of service came up to me after conversation with my friend. We were dreaming about bike tours that could take away our husbands for some time while we would be able to do shopping as much as possible. Frankly speaking, I can’t imagine my life without shopping. At the same time I was born in Paris and now all the streets in the city where the best boutiques are situated. I would be glad to share this information with you. My services provide every customer with the most exciting shopping tours in order to maximize your time in the City of Light. You may forget about all your maps and guides. We invite you to take part in an unforgettable adventure and discover the best shops. Every group consists of not more than 5 people. This helps to provide every tourist with a necessary amount of attention. You can visit our website in case you need detailed information about every tour as well as learn more about additional options and possibilities.

PARIS AUTHENTIC Paris Authentic is the best choice for those who want to feel the real spirit of Paris. We offer tours 2CV car which have already become a symbol of our city. These are mostly private tours which include drivers with excellent knowledge of the city. They will take you to the most famous places and sites which are worth visiting in case you are in the City of Light. You will learn a lot of hilarious stories and anecdotes about the capital of France as well as other interesting facts that you will never here on any other excursion. These cars are featured by convertible roofs which make the tour even more exciting and colorful. You will be able to take unforgettable photos and enjoy the scenery. We also pay attention to the comfort of our clients that is why 2CVs were developed and innovated inside to make your feel pleased and relaxed.

FAT TIRE BIKE TOURS Our company is specialized in providing English-speaking visitors with the most exciting and interesting bike tours. We have a clear understanding of all difficulties that face people in foreign country which they visit for the first time. The company was founded in 1999. I’ve started it up just after finishing college. The main idea was to bring something new to ordinary excursions and tours which someone may find rather tedious. Every tour is exceptional. You can choose the one that will suit all your demands and tastes. They may start from the grandeur of Versailles to the gardens of Monet. At the same time you can just ride around Paris visiting the most famous sites. You can also choose from day or night tour. It’s up to you. Our company gives you great opportunity to see the city from the inside. We provide our every customer with wide range of different tours along with customers’ center which is located near the Eiffel Tower. We work 24/7 and happy to present you our professional and qualified staff. No matter what you need, we will try to do our best in order to meet all your requirements and demands. If you want to see the City of Light on two wheels, we are happy to welcome you anytime.

ON RUE TATIN PARIS My company offers one-day cooking classes. This is the best choice for those who are pining to cook in Paris but do not have much free time. My morning tours start with travelling to the market where we will buy all necessary ingredients including cheese and wine. After we are ready with all the products, we will visit my professional cooking studio with all necessary equipment. Now it is high time to start our classes. I will show you how to prepare fast and easy lunch with wine and cheese. At the same time you have a great opportunity to visit my afternoon classes which are always followed by dinner. This tour will also include tasting, demonstrations and cooking, of course.

4 ROUES SOUS 1 PARAPLUIE Citroën 2CV is a symbol of Paris. Once I was driving this car. A tourist stopped me and asked to make a photo. A great idea came up to my mind at this moment. I have created a company which provides customers with 2CV tours all over Paris including the most exciting and interesting places. At first I had only one vehicle and now I am able to provide services to a group of 60 people due to a fleet which consists of 20 cars. The main advantage of this model is the fact that it has easily convertible roof. It lets you observe unforgettable panoramic view as well as make bright and colorful pictures. Every driver is very skillful. At the same time all of them have a widen knowledge of the City of Light and are ready to tell you the most interesting stories. You can use our already prepared tours as well as create your own itinerary in accordance with your own preferences. We also provide our cars for such special occasions and holidays as weddings of birthday parties. Summing up I can say for sure that our tours have already turned into a must for every visitor.

PHOTO TOURS IN PARIS If you are an involved photographer and decide to visit Paris, Photo Tours In Paris will be a perfect choice for the best time spending. I have a great experience in this field as have been working as an international photographer for many years. I offer photo tours around the City of Light in small groups. No matter if you come to the capital of France for only a couple of hours of few days, I still have something to offer. The main goal of my company is to meet all your demands and requirements. That is why you can choose from private or group tours. No matter what you choose you are going to have lots of fun. On the one hand you will be able to take professional pictures and impress your friends. On the other hand this is a great opportunity to meet people with the same interest and passion. We will also provide you with a chance to know the city better and create your own professional portfolio.

EYE PREFER PARIS The idea of starting up this company was after I decided to lead my own blog This company has turned out to be an extension of this blog. There I write about interesting and extraordinary places in Paris. Now I also create tours and help people see these places with their own eyes. The main feature of my every tour is the fact that you will never be able to find these sites on your own. Another advantage of my tours is the fact that I treat every member of the group in an informal way like a true friend. This lets me create a relaxing and friendly atmosphere which is rather important. Highlights of my tours may include such interesting places like artisan’s atelier where you can become a witness of how jewelry is created. You can also visit one of the most famous pastry shops in the City of Light, authentic cafes and mosques and many other interesting places. I try to establish individual approach to every customer while creating a tour that will be customized according to your needs and interests. You will be able to visit the best bistros and restaurants with exciting and tasty French cuisine.

PARIS MUSE When we speak of Paris the first thing that comes up to our minds is museums. There are hundreds of interesting places in the City of Light. Our company offers the most exciting educational tours and excursions. This is intelligent tourism which includes groups of not more than 4 people. This is made in order to pay necessary attention to every client during excursion and make the tour in form of conversation. This company was launched in 2002. When I graduated from school I decided to move to the capital of France. At first I used to work as a part-time teacher, and then led classes in Louvre and Musée d’Orsay. This knowledge and experience made it possible for me to start up my own company. The main goal was not to make profit but to help people touch French culture and history. Now I am able to offer corporate tours as well as tours for individuals. I cooperate with different French artists and writers which will make every tour even more exciting and interesting. Despite the fact that our tours are small they are rather interactive. You will certainly enjoy your time together with Paris Muse.

O CHATEAU France is not only about Fashion, museums and traditional cuisine. It is also about wine. That is why O Château will provide its clients with a perfect chance to get acquainted with wine while tasting it. We offer high quality service for English-speaking tourists. Needless to say, French wines are considered to be the best. That is why we decided to create the most relaxing and peaceful tasting sessions. The company was launched in 2004. I was born and raised in Paris. As soon as I got my degree in business I was absolutely sure that my future life and work will be closely connected with wine. That is why I became a member of wine community and decided to start up my own business. The main idea of O Château is to make wine tasting really exciting and fun. At the same time you will certainly find my sessions rather informative and useful. On the one hand you will get a chance to widen your knowledge about wines and will become rather good at navigating in wine list. On the other hand you will have an opportunity to get acquainted with wines from different regions. Moreover you can buy any of available wines as all of them are for sale. We proceed with delivery straight to the door of the client. In case you also want to place an order visit our website. The groups consist of not more than 15 people. This helps to create intimate and peaceful atmosphere. Another great feature that all sessions take place in central Paris right at the Wine Loft.

FRENCH LINKS French Links Tours were launched 14 years ago. The main goal of starting this company was my desire to share my knowledge and true passion for the French history, culture and art. Every tour is customized to a specific client. We offer tours for people with health problems and disabilities as well as for customers from different regions. Our company will let you visit one of the best chocolate makers in Paris. You will see with your own eyes how he creates Eiffel Tower made of chocolate. On the other hand you will also be able to get acquainted with the inner world of the Eiffel Tower. We will show you how it works and will tell you its secrets. The main feature of every out tour is the fact that they include information that is not available to the ordinary tourist. Visiting the Opéra Bastille or the Opéra Comique will also turn out to be a privilege for our clients. If you are fond of fashion and follow all the latest trends, we have an exclusive offer for you. We can arrange a tour around workrooms of such famous fashion brands as Louis Vuitton and Hermès. Such tours also include visiting discount centers where you can buy the most popular labels at the lowest price. It is going to be a real bargain. We offer a full package of Paris attractions for every taste and interest.