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Paris is indeed a temple, the doors of which are always open to anyone who is receptive to beauty, civilized values and delight of the senses. Experience the richness of its art, history, culture, architecture, cuisine and history, and most people are hooked for life.

Free Paris Resources

Top 20 Paris Restaurants

Paris restaurants We provides you her guide for the very best places to experience true Paris cuisine. This is an ongoing and up-to-date list of the 20 restaurants you should know about.

Hidden Paris

Paris hidden places We shares some fascinating stories of visits to things you will never read about in Paris guidebooks—or anywhere else, for that matter.

Top 20 Paris Hotels

Paris hotels There are so many excellent hotels in Paris. How do you choose the right hotel? Read our Top 20 hotel selections; hotels where you are sure to have a Parisian kind of stay, at a reasonable price.

Paris Apartment Rental Resources

Paris apartments Seems everyone these days is renting apartments for their Paris vacations. This is a great resource to help you select the right company to rent from, complete with links to every renter in town.

Paris For Beginners

Paris for beginners Never been to Paris before? Don't have any idea what to do or see, or where to go? This page will give you some much needed perspective, and some great suggested about how to make the most out of your first trip.

Paris Museums List

Paris museums With so many great museums in Paris, France, it's tough to decide which museums to visit. Click here for information on every museum in Paris, complete with links and descriptions.

Fun Things to do in Paris

Paris funs Looking for fun things to do in Paris? Cooking classes, walking tour guides, bike tours, museum tours, wine tastings, shopping tours, personalized visits, guides for hire. Find Paris' best providers here.

Paris Shopping Finds

Paris shopping It's hard to find truly unique things to buy. We will help you find something really "Paris" to buy when you travel to Paris—for yourself, or your unlucky friends or family who couldn't join you.

Cafe Les Deux Magots

Paris Architecture History

Paris architecture You don't really know Paris, France, unless you know its buidlings. This is an architectural timeline detailing the many eras, styles and trends—from Medieval to Modern—that have made Paris an architecural wonder.

Super Links

Free Paris Resources This is an incredible resource for Paris, France, visitors. Don't travel to Paris without checking this page out. If you can't find it here, you won't find it via 500-plus indexed Paris links.